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Real Estate Lawyers Reviewing Your Mortgage

For most people, purchasing a home with cash is not possible, which is why the mortgage financing process is a crucial, stress-inducing time for many potential homebuyers. Securing the funds you need to buy the home of your choice is a complex process.

At Greenberg & Wilner, we can take on that stress for you, addressing all of your concerns and protecting your interests. Located in Manhattan, we help buyers of single-family homes, townhouses, condos and co-ops throughout New York City, including Brooklyn and Queens.

Work With A Lawyer Who Has In-Depth Knowledge Of The Mortgage Industry

As our client, you will benefit from the extensive knowledge of attorney Julian White, who, in addition to his legal career, spent 12 years in the mortgage business including several years running his own mortgage company. As a veteran of hundreds of real estate closings and mortgage transactions, Mr. White can be your trusted advocate when going through the financing process, ensuring the lenders and banks treat you fairly.

Helping You Navigate A Complicated Process

We work with clients no matter what stage of the financing process they are in. Depending on how early you come to us, our lawyers can help you:

  • Prepare for the application process
  • Explain different loan products
  • Get prequalified with one of our mortgage references
  • Compare deals if you went to more than one broker

When you are at the closing table, remember that the bank attorney is looking out for the interests of his or her client. We will be there looking out for your interests, explaining every document you are signing and explaining all the costs your lender applies to your mortgage, such as attorney and underwriting fees.

Our lawyers provide the meticulous attention to detail that you need when dealing with complex financial transactions like these. As you move through the mortgage closing process, we will keep you informed about all of the documents that you need to provide and that you will be expected to sign.

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