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Completing The Purchase Process On A New Home

When you agree to buy a new home, townhouse, condominium or cooperative, there is still a long way to go before moving in. Here in New York City, an error made during the purchase process could raise your closing costs by thousands — or even tens of thousands — of dollars.

At Greenberg & Wilner in Manhattan, our attorneys can handle all of the complex legal work involved with closing on your home purchase while you prepare for your move. We have helped hundreds of homebuyers in Brooklyn, Queens and throughout New York City and Long Island complete home purchases with minimal stress, ensuring their interests are safe on closing day and into the future.

Our Work Goes Beyond Simple Due Diligence

Buying in one of the most expensive real estate markets in the country, you need to make sure that your purchase will not set you up for future financial harm or costly litigation. Our lawyers take the time to explain every cost, every risk and every benefit. We then carefully review every aspect of the purchase to ensure you are:

  • Signing an appropriate contract that protects your interests
  • Buying into a financially stable condominium or co-op building
  • Buying property with clean title

Not wanting you to be surprised by anything, we will then guide you through every phase of the purchase process. That includes working with your mortgage lender to ensure you provide all the necessary documentation. If you are buying a co-op, we can help you prepare your application and get ready for any board interviews that may be necessary.

Our lawyers will be in constant contact with bank attorneys and the seller's attorneys, keeping you constantly informed throughout the process right up through closing day. After closing, we will provide you with well-organized copies of all the documents involved in the purchase of your home.

Get Experienced Real Estate Litigators On Your Side

With more than 50 years of experience, including endless hours at trial, we know the errors that cost people precious time and money. Let our lawyers at Greenberg & Wilner take as much stress as possible out of the purchase process for you. Call us at 212-953-2300 to schedule a consultationHablamos español.

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