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Single- To Four-Family Homes And Townhouses

In New York City, buying a single-family home or a multi-family townhouse is a more straightforward process than buying a condominium or cooperative unit. That, however, does not mean that issues will not arise that require an experienced lawyer's diligence to ensure your rights and financial interests are safe.

At Greenberg & Wilner in Manhattan, our attorneys help families of all sizes close on single- to four-family homes and townhouses in Queens, Brooklyn and throughout New York City. We will be with you all the way through closing, handling all of the complex issues that arise, allowing you to focus on your upcoming move.

Protecting Your Interests Prior To Closing

Our lawyers have been involved in home closings for more than 50 years, seeing all of the avoidable errors that homebuyers make that cost them untold sums of money. We recommend having a home inspection done prior to you signing any contracts. Then we will get to work negotiating a contract that addresses issues such as:

  • Certificate of occupancy violations, which are common in New York City
  • Environmental Control Board Violations for garbage or other health hazards
  • Property lines disputes
  • Work done on the home without the proper permits that could expose you to future problems

As experienced litigators, we know the commitment in time and money you could be facing if you do not promptly address these problems prior to closing. Detecting these problems before they turn into heated disputes is a special focus of ours.

After you sign your contract, we can then review your financing package and ensure you are buying clean title. From there, we can proceed to the closing process, where we will provide you with copies of all the important documents and checks involved in your purchase.

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When working with our attorneys, you will work with dedicated professionals who have helped hundreds of individuals and families buy all types of properties across New York City. We can figure out a plan that works best for your family's unique needs. Schedule a consultation with us today by calling 212-953-2300 to learn more.  Hablamos español.

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