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Helping You Resolve Title Issues

One of the most important parts of a home purchase is ensuring title issues are resolved before you close on your purchase. Failure to address a title issue can expose you to litigation in the future.

Our real estate attorneys at Greenberg & Wilner in New York City can perform all of the due diligence necessary with regard to the title on your soon-to-be home and your title insurance policy. Experienced litigators, we can address potential disputes before they erupt, helping you close on a home with a contract in place that will protect your interests.

Why You Need An Attorney

Having experienced real estate lawyers review the title search is essential to helping you buy a home with clean, marketable title.

Even if you purchase title insurance to protect against defects in the home's title, there can be exceptions. Our attorneys will closely evaluate the title search and your insurance policy and work with the title company to clear exceptions. We can address defects like:

  • An old lien on the home due to an unpaid mortgage
  • Property boundary disputes
  • Work done on the home without the proper permits
  • Certificate of occupancy violations

Failure to resolve these issues could delay your closing and put your ability to secure mortgage financing at risk. Even worse, if you wish to eventually sell your home, new buyers may discover a problem with your title, making it difficult to sell your home. You may also not be able to make future modifications to your home.

An important note for co-op buyers:

In many co-op purchases, you do not need to purchase title insurance, since you are not actually acquiring real property. There are specific instances, however, where it may be necessary to purchase cooperative title insurance. We can evaluate every aspect of your purchase, including the building you are buying into and who you are purchasing from, to help you determine if coverage is necessary.

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