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Why TODs may be attractive to homebuyers

Manhattan is attractive for residents of many ages because of its proximity to things that draw people; mainly restaurants, entertainment venues and places of employment. But what really makes the city special is the ability to shop, have a good meal and see unique events in one general area; mainly because getting around the city can be a problem from time to time.

Options growing for buyers in Manhattan

In most markets outside of Manhattan, a $3 million home is far from a bargain. But as we have noted in a number of our posts this spring, the market in New York City is such that $3 million gives buyers a number of options. The uncertainty of international markets, combined with the tentative political environment, has interest in the luxury home market is waning.

5 tips for a smooth real estate transaction

If you are in the process of buying a home, you certainly do not want to run into any issues that may delay or derail the transaction. However, successfully obtaining a home is sometimes a complex process where things can go awry. Fortunately, if you follow the tips listed below, you can minimize this possibility and ensure that the purchase process goes as smoothly as possible.

Tips for negotiating the ideal rent

The warmer weather is a welcome respite from the chills we experienced in our region last week. But even better, it signals the beginning of the spring rental season in New York City. As we have noted in our prior posts, the market for luxury apartments is slowing a bit, so this year's market may be beneficial for renters.

Did the city allow gentrification?

Gentrification is the act of purchasing and renovating deteriorating properties in low-income or troubled neighborhoods to accommodate an influx of wealthier buyers, while pushing lower income residents out of the area. It is a controversial practice that has led to a number of regulations in New York City to prevent some neighborhoods from losing their character…and their longtime residents.

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