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Steps for foreign investors when buying property in New York

 Part of the reason for the real estate boom in New York City involves the increase in foreign investment with luxury residential high rises. With more of these properties becoming available and more buyers coming from abroad, builders appear poised to oblige them.

Common real property title issues in New York

In all New York residential real estate transactions, it is vital for the buyer to ensure that the seller has clear title to the property. Failing to resolve a title issue before closing can subject the buyer to litigation, make it difficult to later sell the home, and other undesirable outcomes in the future. To guard against this possibility, it is recommended that a thorough title search be conducted during the purchase process. In the event that a serious title defect shows up, the buyer may opt out of the transaction or the seller may take steps to ensure that the defect is cured.

Getting the best estimate on a home loan

Finding the perfect home in New York City is a task in and of itself. But finding the right deal to finance it may be equally as challenging. Commercials abound with financial companies offering what they believe may be the best deal for consumers (or at least ways to find the best deal).

Hudson Valley farmland to be preserved

While new construction and renovations have created opportunities for people seeking new homes in Manhattan, the past recession has created a demand for housing in the Hudson Valley. When the housing market (and loan market) tightened in New York City, prospective homeowners looked elsewhere to find affordable housing.

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