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Are there still good home deals to be found in New York City?

As the summer months draw to a close, many homeowners may be concerned about how the market may be cooling off; which may limit the opportunities to sell a home or to move up to an upgrade. Indeed, the bull market for residential real estate in New York City had to slow down at some point. Between 2009 and 2013, the market experienced steady price appreciations after the great depression.

New senior living tower to help underserved population

In a prior post, we identified several trends that could shape New York City real estate development in the future. An aging population in need of special case was one of them. As more baby boomers turn 65 each year, it is expected that many will need specified housing where residents can receive assistance to deal with many of the maladies of old age; including Alzheimer’s disease, progressive memory loss and a number of cardiovascular conditions.

Is the New York City real estate market overheating?

Earlier this year we warned of the potential for residential units to fall sharply because there may have been overbuilding and a shortage of viable buyers. Because of this, buyers should be wary of posted home prices and should seek legal counsel to help negotiate fair prices. This was especially important given the potential for another housing bubble to burst.

Trends that can help developers identify future projects

The key to being successful in commercial real estate in New York City is being able to anticipate trends and tailor one’s efforts to meeting the needs that come with them. For real estate investors and financiers, knowing how these work can mean the difference between abundant success and potential failures.

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