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Another new residential building being built in Brooklyn

In our last post, we highlighted the growing rental opportunities in Brooklyn. Indeed, the building boom may still provide some opportunities in Manhattan, but the price points in Brooklyn make the borough an attractive option; especially considering the number of new buildings being built.

5 Reasons Why A Townhouse Purchase May Be Right For You

While many New York City residents prefer condominiums and co-ops for ease of living purposes, there is still a certain romance to tree-lined streets full of townhouses. For those areas of the city that have not been totally consumed by new high-rise developments, townhouses provide a unique opportunity for certain homebuyers.

More rental opportunities arising in Brooklyn

In our last post, we highlighted a number of ways to obtain  the ideal rent, given that the rental market remains strong for those seeking places to live. While the market has not dropped in Manhattan, it appears that over-saturation may be imminent in Brooklyn.

Three ways for renters to get the ideal rent payment

Because of the warm weather expected this week, many may not know that fall is coming on Thursday. Indeed, the fall may not be the ideal time to seek deals for when it comes to renting property. However, the market for luxury properties has not been ideal.

Millenials still the focus of new real estate projects

As we have noted in a number of our posts, a key to being successful in real estate is being able to anticipate trends. One such trend involves knowing one’s target market, what they currently appreciate and what choices they will make in the future. This is why many current and real estate projects are centered on millennials.

Is commercial real estate seeing a downward trend in NYC?

In a prior post, we highlighted the number of opportunities available for retailers as developers were becoming increasingly open to building out spaces for particular uses. While this appears to be a golden opportunity for a retailer looking for space in New York City, it may be a sign of concern for landlords and developers.

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